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The Siena Advantage

We believe that when you give students the right foundation, they’re able to grow beyond measure. So, while our stats do measure up to some of the best in the state and the country, we also value the heights our students reach on a personal, spiritual and communal level. Because when they’re rooted in faith and tradition, they’re able to grow in mind, body and faith. Discover the Siena Advantage.


At Siena Catholic Schools, open doors lead to lifelong growth. This is why we open our schools to a diverse student and employee population. Our Catholic conviction calls us not only to open our doors to others outside the faith, but to openly seek them. Spreading the mission to anyone willing to learn and grow with us.

ACHIEVE Greatness

Achievement is more than just great test scores. While our class of 2018, had a 100% graduation rate, they also had over 2,000 hours of service during their senior year. They also earned over $2 million in scholarships (about $25,000/graduate). And with 94% of the class of 2018 going on to pursue higher education, there’s no telling how they’ll measure up beyond our walls.

GROW Together

We value small class sizes, but large communities. Behind every student lies a support system of educators, family, parishes, friends, leaders and many others that steer students to reach their full potentials.