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Faith In Our Future Announces Grant To Siena Catholic Schools

Faith in Our Future Announces Grant to Siena Catholic Schools

The Faith in Our Future Trust announced a grant to Siena Catholic Schools of Racine of $125,000 to support development of the new Catholic School System.  In addition, there is a challenge grant of $125,000 that will be matched if additional contributions from other parties can be raised.

John Marek (left), Administrator for the Faith in Our Future (FIOF) Trust, presents Brenda White (right), President of Siena Catholic Schools, a check for $125,000 to support the formation of the new Siena Catholic school system of Racine.   The Faith in our Future Trustees, Archbishop Jerome Listecki, Bishop Jeffrey Haines, Ms. Kristine O’Meara and Ms. Mary Ellen Stanek, awarded the Siena System the funds after the incorporation of the system in July.