Currently all of the schools have different tuition and fees.  What is the plan moving forward?

Tuition and fees are different but fortunately they do not vary widely across the elementary schools.  The plan will be to standardize on a common tuition and fee structure beginning with the 2018/19 school year.  The system leadership will set the tuition & fees each year prior to January after reviewing final financial results and enrollment for the previous year as well as tuition at other private schools in the area. 

St. Catherine’s High School and Middle School will continue to have higher tuition & fees. The higher Middle School tuition at St. Catherine’s is warranted by the additional facilities and technology available in conjunction with the high school.


We are parishioners at a parish currently without a school.  Can my child attend one of the elementary schools at the same cost as a parishioner?

Yes, as this is the Catholic school system for all Racine parishes the same tuition and fee structure applies for all families in any of the ten parishes contributing to the support of the system.


Will there be a multi-child discount?

Yes, a multi-child discount will be available for elementary students with tuition at 50% of the published rate for all children enrolled beyond the first child. 


What will be the approach for employee tuition discounts?

The leadership of the new system (President, Director of Schools and Director of Business) will evaluate the impact of any employee discount changes in light of the total salary and benefit package.  As each of the schools had a different approach we anticipate there will be modifications as a consistent discount structure is adopted. 


What will the new cost for elementary school tuition seeing you will get $7,500 per voucher student?

The tuition for 2018/19 will be $3,550 which is close to tuition and fees across the five elementary schools for 2017/18.  The plan is for tuition to be “all inclusive” eliminating separate fees that exist for books and technology.  There will be a $50/student non-refundable tuition deposit or $100 per family.