What is St. Catherine’s contributing to the system?

St. Catherine’s High School and Middle School is being asked to contribute in two ways:

  1. A cash contribution equivalent to the cost of one of the three added positions for system leadership has been requested for the first three years of the system operation.  The elimination of the President’s position at St. Catherine’s will help the school meet this amount.
  2. The school system central staff (Finance, Human Resources, Advancement, Admissions) will be primarily sourced with existing personnel at St. Catherine’s. During the transition timing (first 18 months) some additional resources may be required to manage the workload, however, our benchmarking of other systems would indicate once the transition is completed and adequate systems are in place the workload should be manageable with current staff


What will happen to St. Catherine’s Foundation endowment?

The Foundation will continue to operate and provide support the St. Catherine’s as required by donor directions for gifts made in the past.  Moving forward Siena System leadership will engage in discussions with Foundation leadership to determine the appropriate evolution of activities surrounding planned giving and endowments.


Can the St. Catherine’s financials be made available for the pastors?

This question will be omitted as the financials were made available to the pastors as part of the business model.


What are the Racine Dominicans contributing to formation of the system?

The Dominicans have been contributing to St. Catherine’s through their annual mission fund and plan to continue support to the system in this manner.  They also have committed to provide the St. Catherine’s buildings at no cost as they have in the past.  Finally, they have also committed to supporting the recently announced St. Catherine’s major gift campaign with a substantial contribution.


Will the Racine Dominicans continue to own the building housing St. Catherine’s High School and Middle School?

Yes, the Dominicans will continue to own the St. Catherine’s buildings for the foreseeable future.