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School FAQ

School Operations

Are there any immediate plans for changes to Academic Programming?

Implementation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programming has taken place at all elementary campuses for the 2019/20 school year. St. Catherine’s High School has seen significant expansion of STEM course work through partnerships with Project Lead the Way and Microsoft Philanthropies with over 100 students enrolled in a STEM-based course this school year.

Efforts are being launched to create an elementary literacy continuum which will include the creation and adoption of common assessments across all Siena Catholic Schools. Additional initiatives for the 2019/20 school year include the creation of a Gifted and Talented Program, additional movement toward the Archdiocesan adoption of Standards-Based Learning and Assessment, and the initial stages of a system-wide review of elementary Math curriculum.

What is the system's class size policy?

The optimal and maximum class sizes for the Siena Catholic Schools are listed below (optimal in bold). These are the class sizes approved by the Board of Directors of the Siena Catholic Schools. The maximum class size is listed at the bottom of the chart. Efforts should be made to keep class sizes at the optimal level at each school. Principals should have discretion, in consultation with the Chief Academic Officer, to vary from these recommendations on a per-class or per-course (MS/HS) basis. Additionally, the Siena system will consider the use of extra resources to support the learning environment on a class by class basis.

Grade Level/Optimal Number of Children in Class/Maximum Number of Children in Class

3K:  18/20

4K:  20/22

5K – Gr. 2: 22/24

Gr. 3 – Gr. 5: 24/26

Gr. 6 – Gr. 8: 26/30

Gr. 9 – Gr. 12:  28/32

How will curriculum and changes to the educational program be developed?

The Chief Academic Officer will work collaboratively with current School Principals, Teachers and the Education Committee of the Board in the development of curriculum and new educational programs. With the inclusion of St. Catherine’s High School educators in this process there are opportunities to improve the transitions through a coordinated Pre-K through Grade 12 curriculum. We will continue to use the key religious education concepts for each grade level (1-8) developed by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee for elementary students.

Can my child be bused to the school of our choosing?

Racine Unified determines the bussing districts for private schools pursuant to state requirements. As a result, you will need to consult the district bussing map to determine if your child is eligible for busing to the school of your choice.

What will be done to help maintain the special traditions of our school?

We know our parish schools have deep roots in their communities. Community identity, team names and culture will continue to be pillars of the schools. These traditions and qualities make each school special and unique. We encourage principals to build upon their current culture to create a welcoming and warm environment that is appropriate to their community.

Financial Stewardship

How are decisions made regarding income and expenses for the system?

System leadership will annually work with the site Principals and the Finance Committee of the Board to determine the appropriate balance of costs and resources prior to submitting the budget for approval to the Board of Directors.


How are staffing decisions made?

Key decisions for staffing for the system will be made by the leadership of the system, Board of Directors, the President, Directors and Principals. They will be charged with the good stewardship and have to regularly review costs and resources ensuring sustainability for the long term. They will jointly review all resource decisions regularly with help of experts on the Board Finance Committee.