Did someone review all of the expenses for the proposed system and determine if cuts and reductions in expenses could be made?

Expenses for the base year of the proposed system were provided by Business Managers and Principals of the schools and were subject to review by the School Committees and Pastoral Councils of the individual parishes.  A detailed examination by the Finance Task Force was not completed as part of the business model development.  It is anticipated system leadership (President, Director of Business and Director of Schools) will annually work with the site Principals and the Finance Committee of the Board to determine the appropriate balance of costs and resources prior to submitting the budget for approval to the Board of Directors and, ultimately, the Board of Trustees.  One of the three priorities voiced by Archbishop Listecki for all Archdiocesan activity is good stewardship.  Management of the Siena System must hold to this priority in the coming years.


Shouldn’t there be consideration to closing schools that are underutilized?

To close a school as we embark on the effort would be counter to the vision of growing the system.  At the same time, good stewardship demands each year that system leadership will complete a thorough analysis of class size and capacity.  With the potential adoption of School Choice enrollment may actually increase. Based on experience at both Our Lady of Grace and St. John Paul II Academy the introduction of School Choice has resulted in increased enrollment so it will be important to monitor this activity closely.


We did not agree with the original premise that there would be no reductions in staffing.  This should be determined based on need as well as what we can afford.

Concerning reduction in staffing, this will be one of the key decisions moving forward for the leadership of the system; for the Board of Directors, the President, Directors and Principals.  They will be charged with the good stewardship and have to regularly review costs and resources ensuring sustainability for the long term.  They will jointly review all resource decisions regularly with help of experts on the Board Finance Committee.