We have identified how we plan to fund a portion of the investment/subsidy but still have a gap.  We will have to ask parishioners to make this up or draw upon reserves.  Is there a plan for a coordinated approach/appeal across all parishes?  Can we have help from the Archdiocese and system leaders in marketing the importance of our School System?

The Communication Task Force of the Racine Area Catholic Education Team has been developing tools in collaboration with the Archdiocese Office of Schools for use by parish leadership.  Pastors have requested a variety of communication tools including regular bulletin inserts, videos and, in some cases, frameworks for parish informational meetings.  These will begin to roll out during the coming year.


We have been requested to invest in the new system but do not have excess funds at this time.  Will there be a communication or marketing program to help us understand the reason for the system and to help us make up the gap?

Yes, marketing materials explaining why the system is being formed and a case statement detailing why all parishes and parishioners are being asked to invest in the important mission of Catholic Education are in development. 

In his remarks announcing the formation of the system Archbishop Listecki commented, “Evangelization is one of the top three priorities for the diocese…and our greatest evangelization tool is our Catholic Schools.  Our schools must be accessible and affordable.  We are forming this system for our students, for the Church and for Jesus.”


Will there be different approaches for parishes that recently have not supported a school vs. a parish that is “used to” paying a subsidy for school support?  Can you develop marketing programs “customized” to each parish?

We are seeking input from each pastor as to what communication tools are most appropriate for their parishes and plan to work with them to adapt the general marketing program appropriately.


Our parish is unique in that we have a large Hispanic population.  We know many of our Hispanic families have students in the Catholic schools.  There should be a specific outreach to these families.  Please help develop materials that are customized.

We will continue to develop materials in both English and Spanish.