What will be done to help retain our teachers?

In the standalone school model, there are significant constraints on professional development and career advancement. As a multi-school network, we are hopeful Siena will be able to bring new expertise and resources to support our educators in the coming years.

In addition, we understand employment conditions are an important component of retention including salaries and benefits.  We are committed to improving these conditions over time.


Will teachers need to re-apply for positions?  Should we be concerned about layoffs?

The approved business model did not include layoffs or reduction in personnel.  There will be a change in status for staff in July 2018 as they will become employees of Siena Catholic Schools of Racine.  We respect the teaching profession and its important role in our communities and society. We are committed to effective teaching with family friendly compensation and retaining top educators by creating meaningful career pathways in Catholic education.   The leadership of the Siena System will determine the specific process for transitioning to employment in the system later in 2017/18.


How will compensation packages change for employees?

As each of the schools had a different approach to salary and benefits we anticipate there will be modifications as a consistent compensation structure is adopted.  One of the longer-term objectives for salaries will be to reach 80% of external market levels per the guidelines of the Archdiocese.   The leadership of the new system (President, Director of Schools and Director of Business) will work with the Parish Business Managers and Principals to develop a competitive benefit package consistent with the guiding principles of the RACE Collaboration effort including delivery of a distinguished academic program, stewardship of resources and engaging justly with all constituencies.