Will our school buildings continue to be used?

The plan for at least the next three years are for the school system to use all school buildings in current use—St. Joseph, St. Lucy, St. Rita, Our Lady of Grace, John Paul II and St. Catherine’s.


Will there be an issue with our school not being ADA Compliant if they are rented by the system?

No issue is anticipated but will be confirmed by the new leadership of the system.


Will the system pay rent? 

Yes, the system will pay monthly rental fees to parishes owning the facilities for use of school buildings and facilities. 


The Racine Dominican sisters have indicated they will continue to contribute use of St. Catherine’s to the school system.


How will repairs or capital improvements for school buildings be handled?

Major repairs and capital improvements (e.g. roof, new lighting, floors, plumbing) for schools owned by the parish will remain the responsibility of the parish but will funded by a “sinking fund” supported by the school system.


St. Catherine’s major repairs and capital improvements have been funded through school budgets in recent years and will now become responsibility of the school system.


Who will maintain the buildings?

Custodians employed by the parishes (in the case of elementary schools) will maintain the buildings as has been the past practice.  The school system will reimburse the parish for costs of salaries, benefits and supplies specific to the facilities used by the school.  Costs for maintaining non-school facilities will remain with the parish.  St. Catherine’s has had a maintenance and custodial staff for many years and the school system beginning in 2018/19 will employ these individuals.


Who will be responsible for utilities?

Utility costs associated with the facilities used by the school will be paid by the school system.  In many cases there are already separate meters measuring use of the electricity, gas and water for school buildings.  In cases where this does not exist an estimate will be made based on an appropriate allocation technique (e.g. square footage, days of usage, etc.).


Will other groups be allowed to continue using classrooms and shared facilities (e.g. gym)?

Yes, religious education classes can continue to use classrooms per past practice.  And scheduling of shared facilities will be coordinated with parish administrative staff.


Our school closed several years ago.  Will the system re-open our building?

There are no immediate plans to re-open closed facilities, however, we hope to grow enrollment moving forward which may eventually lead to a need for increased space.  Also, it is anticipated one area of growth will be pre-K as many other systems (including Racine Unified) are actively pursuing K-4 and K-3 programs.